Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Systems at EWP

Electric Wire Products Corp. is Your Source for Quality

Electric Wire Products Corp is an ISO 9001-certified company. As such, our quality management system is directed by this internationally-recognized quality assurance program, and our entire team takes pride in our capabilities, processes, performance, and quality results.

We take extreme measures throughout the engineering, quoting, and production phases to ensure every product is made correctly the first time and performs as intended when installed. Our wire harnesses and cable assemblies are electronically checked and visually inspected to ensure electrical continuity, proper connector orientation, and prevention of any missing or nonconforming parts.

EWP periodically measures its quality performance against specific goals throughout the product realization process. Steps are taken to resolve issues hindering EWP attainment of goals or continued improvement.

Each new product or product revision moves through the following steps to ensure that our customers receive the product as specified:

  1. EWP engineers review each customer’s specifications to ensure there are no opportunities for misunderstanding.
  2. EWP work instructions are checked against the customer’s blueprint for accuracy.
  3. A First Article Inspection is performed to ensure that the finished product meets customer specifications and EWP work instructions.
  4. Each time a repetitive part is released, a second First Article Inspection is performed to ensure that production set-ups are correct.

In addition, the following quality assurance measures are employed at EWP:

  • Cross checking of workmanship by fellow operators and supervisors.
  • Review of checking devices to ensure they are in proper working order and match the current product revision level.
  • Labeling each harness with part number, release date, and quantity, as well as operator and inspector identification numbers, to track the source of any errors.
  • Cross checking packaging and barcode labels to shipping documents and customer purchase orders prior to shipping.
  • Regular testing of operators to ensure critical job knowledge and understanding.
  • A corrective action system designed to eliminate the root source of errors.

Quality is the top priority at Electric Wire Products. We are fully committed to continually looking for better ways to ensure our customers receive the best quality available in custom electric wire products.

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